Blogger on Mabson

Kyle Harringer Mabson remains the standard by which all that sucks about Los Angeles music should be measured. Best known for spinning Top 40 pop, euro-cheese, or nu-metal as the soundman at the local DIY spot near you, the Celebrity Juggalos blog, and when he would play every other week in shitty one-off bands distinguishable only by their ironic names, he is a living, breathing stale joke, told and re-told to the point of exhaustion. Is he a jock with genuinely horrible taste bolstered by like-minded lamesters or a post-jock practicing post-irony, an Andy Kaufman-esque presence meant to- nah, I’m leaning toward the former. Just one more reason to stay home and spare myself from once more having to hear “Closing Time” as the club empties out or a backwards Justin Bieber song buttressed with Tim Allen grunts or whatever the venerable Mr. Mabson has up his sleeve…

His art on the other hand transcends all, going past irony, past all notions of common sense and dignity, right to the core of the questions “what constitutes talent?” and “what is the true definition of awful?” and “THIS is what passes for noteworthy in Los Angeles?! THIS is the fucking moron you elect as some kind of unofficial mascot?” Can something be so truly worthless that it leaves “so bad it’s good” behind in the dust and reaches a heretofore unknown level of negative-nirvana…stupidity on so abominable a scale it incapacitates the viewer and assaults…no…insults their sensibilities to the point that their brain turns to pudding and their blood to Faygo? Bravo Mabson, I guess…?! *shudder*

Taken from some guy's blog