The Broken Wrist Blog

1. i'm working on this puzzle which consists of a landscape with all these deer in a forest with a pond and the landscape is within the torso of a deer which makes up the boundaries of the puzzle. basically a deer shaped puzzle of deer within a deer.

2. vicodin is crazy i can't imagine anyone taking more than two of these and enjoying it. but two is good and makes my pain go away. don't do drugs, really.

3. my dad came over this morning after he got off work. he works nights and came over helped me get some stuff done, went home and slept for an hour and fifteen minutes and then back to work at 4:30. he is such a good dude. love my daddy.

4. last night i watched Who's your Caddy? on demand a hip hop + golf movie = everything i like about life.

5. here are some videos i am interested in:


My FAVORITE 311 song.


some Decatur jams.


Lil' Boosie Zoomin!


Freeway with some Wire cameos.


Pure Evil Guys.

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