broken wrist blog #2

1. i'm watching a cycling race on tv taking place in SOLVANG.

2. i have not showered nor left this room all day.

3. yesterday roy, david, and robert came over for pizza, the wire, cookies, and lost.

4. i've been working on the deer puzzle.

5. here are some photos:

a. these first few are from before my fall, when life was a little simpler.
b. mark a.k.a. SKYLARK
c. robert stressin.
d. & e. some hat styles.
f. powerman 5000.
g. middle finger.
h. puzzle progress.
i. puppy gift.
j. huell checking some mozzarella


Dave said...

you're trying to get on the lost tip now?

Reggie said...

yeah right! roy just loves dat shit and he was here with me