Perps on my prop

Me and Robert's apartment is surrounded by police. SEARCHING FOR THE PERP!!!! its been like this for nearly 2 hours. They have been on the intercom threatening with dog violence. This helicopter is circling with really bright lights that shine up the windows and garden all crazy. This isn't scary, so much as it is frustrating. We are completely shut in, due to whatever madness is going on outside. We can't leave. People can't come over. Matthew's hungry i think. WOAH!! THEY JUST RELEASED THE DOG!
They already arrested one guy, some jock in a letterman Jacket. We all think we heard dog barks and shouting directly behind the house. SOMETHIN SMELLS!!!


clare said...

la is not chino

baby said...

i was in south central when they let the dogS out
where are you living bud?