the fact that the paper thin walls article mentions my blog post about billy corgan, obgyn makes me feel like i've really accomplished something with having a sense of humor. (i'm only 25% joking)

AV article

photo of juan's room/fan art by reggie.

ps. i heard a rumor that david's new dog called the cops on mike in chino last night. probably because he's racist.

guys, listen!

this is about mike and metal snowboarding dvds.

ok im at "work" entering

ok im at "work" entering data files and every time i hit the number 6 it gets stuck and 666 fills up the entire screen. my life is a joke


hey guys. in case you didn't know, yesterday was the best day ever to listen to the misfits song "halloween". i wanted to tell you about the scariest thing i can think of. this has been a fear of mine since 2005.

ok? ok.


and THIS:


pretty fucking terrifying, right?