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About Robert Wolfe.

i heard drunk juan called me last night to ask whether he should work or just not eat.

i also heard the other day while skating the ramp at dean&randy's (temporarily juan&michael's) with robert this dude haggard homeless(?) dude showed up with no shirt on and a longboard and mumbled some stuff and then just proceeded to take a piss in the corner while robert and i grabbed our stuff and left. later we heard him and the neighbor yelling some offensive stuff at each other and something about a mirror and some crack. i should mention that about an hour earlier when i was skating to starbucks, i saw said shirtless dude doing push-ups on the corner of fuller and melrose.

also, i heard all the ash falling from the sky from the fires yesterday made me feel weird. also the teacher of my art class had to be evacuated from her house in crestline. i hope her stuff is safe.

also the sky is a little bit clearer in ontario today and for this, i am thankful.

thank you and good day,

p.s. here are some pictures i've taken in public bathrooms around southern california: