so the weather is getting really confusing. its insanely hot but also cloudy and there are storms. there was thunder and lightning last night? wtf? i heard mike's butt breaking windows had something to do with that.

i was just now trying to blog and the doorbell rang and so i opened it and it was some jehovas witnesses and they were really excited i could speak english. we had a nice chat.

here's a video of a mix of videos both recent and oldtimey as you can tell by the video quality:



clare said...

"related videos: ronys photobooth"

i saw a really good picture of him on gawker under the headline "the terrible people convention". he had an iphone. i'm so glad we stole his film that one time.

Anonymous said...

nice editing skillz!

<3 margot

ps hi clare and regg IE!

dlo said...

old ass rat

Abe said...

oh my god how annoying am i?!?!?

Dave said...

that shit was so old
and that salad looked so wet