so david got a new cell phone, it's a RAZR. then i discovered he had an old cell phone already from before the one he left at mcdonalds, so now he has two cell phones to match his two laptops. maybe next week he'll get two xbox 360s to match his two fish tacos from rubios.

albert's puppy wont eat anything so albert couldn't play guitar hero with his friends from work. maybe the puppy will be healthy enough so we can all go swimming today at his house.

chris ando is staying at juan's house for a few days and he's pretty sick. i hope he gets better. juan doesn't like using the blod but he sure does love using the internets. ex:

also mike is lost and i heard he gets an allowance.

that is all for now. check me out later for some more rumors.


Teenage said...

Juan sleeps on my floor and plays with my internets a lot.

jesse said...

juan also likes to take hyper real blood showers and be so awesome and funny

long live tha babes!

Teenage said...

Also, Juan is into the 90's. Look at that shirt.