Oh Kay

It's Sunday and I've got this good picture for you to look at.

So, in this picture you can see me sportin' my tour moustache. I'm thinking about shaving that off soon, but not before I craft one of those super rad thinnies similar to that worn by Skinner from Ratatouille (You are clicking here to see Skinner ! !!)
Also, in this picture I am wearing my NOLA all-over print jimmy, but you can't really see much of that. Let's seee there's my Texas sunglasses and some headdress kind of shit goin' on. Yea$$ Ummm I've got a stiff lip area and like a little head tilt

Alright, now I need to tell you about my new cell phone. It's gold and it has a camera and it's newer than the RAZR Reggie talked about. It also has a sweet photo editor that let's you do all these sweet clip art moves. Check on these things right now.

Yes we are all lookin' so hawt