it's been too long and all i can say is, thank god.

so let's catch up, donny and chris are gone. mike is too. STILL.

robert wolfe is coming soon and i hear there is some david lynch action happening and also perhaps some disneyland. very very exciting.

last night went to nike affiliated art jimmy but we were there too early and no one we knew was there and we had to go to the smell so we sadly missed out on some homemade spears tshirts and tattoos.

at the smell, i heard david horvitz is getting his face replaced by a water bottle. this is a preview:

juan writes messages on his hands about japan. it's really weird. here, he shows off his face of fear with clare chilling in the back:

tonight there might possibly be some salami action at club hotdog featuring all your favorite faces. possible hotdog club? really? yes?

and so, i leave you all with this image of yours truly preparing to blog while wearing all of the hats necessary for internet usage:

peace be with you fools.

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