hey, what's up?
yeah, me too.

so today i heard that david wrote all the music for BLACK SNAKE MOAN. all under all of our little noses he was just being all prolific and southern and blues-y. congratulations davis!

here he is signing a burnt copy of the soundtrack for me (as you can see juan is passed out in the background and is about to get a chain put around his waist because i hear he's going from being albert's dog to david's tiny white girl who needs to learn a lesson.):

today i also learned that albert eats shit like this:

i, on the other hand, ate a slice of pizza, a big ol' hotdog, and a huge hand-twisted churro all for $4.76 at this place:

other than that, i heard, 1. donny doesn't like alcohol but he likes funny glasses and mint colored chocolate cellphones. and 2. chris is feeling better as you can see here:

mike is still non-existent.
thank you and goodnight.
much love.

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DAVE said...

Albert eats SUPER-MEAGAHHH FRIES from Alberto's?