i heard albert is getting rid of all his dogs and replacing them with juan. this is a rumor but also i hold this picture as evidence:

also i heard the people working at the alberto's mexican food restaurant in chino are on speed. today i saw a man sweating so hard and never wiping it off. NEVER.

david walks a lot now. i think he's going to join various walk-a-thons and probably hang out with a bunch of old people like my grandma. i even think i saw him walking in some barely there shorts and this psychedelic tshirt. watch out world. W.O.W.

i think that is all i heard today. peace out! oh i mean, f what you heard!


Anonymous said...

wow! i like your new blogger 'tude. a lot more assertive! today when i was waiting for a light to change in westwood i heard the man behind me say "i'm going to fucking kill them all. i don't want just GOOD workers, i want EXEMPLARY workers".
think about it! ( AKA BRAIN CHEW ON THAT )


KEITH A. said...

that picture of regg and clare should replace the one in vice. i don't know what the caption should say, thats Vices' job.

DAVE said...

Oh weird I just realized that picture of you and Clare is from the practice place in SF