Mi tortilla

sweet tea


105 Degrees

Boston The Movie

Learn the true meaning of fear in this end-of-summer teenage trip through hell!

but i was actually pretty scared of being in this basement by myself the few times i had to go down there

I love This guy lets hope he moves to LA

This is Matty he looks like Seinfeld


Okay so this is my rocker friend Mamma Choncla. She plays the jew harp and is totally radical in her outfits. We are hanging on saturday... im the luckiest dude!

This is Mike, he is my BFF and is totally chilling with me. IM THE LUCKIEST DUDE!


the carousel featured behind Justina Huntress has enough light bulbs to light 30 homes! and Six Flags is sooooo cool with that!!! WHOOOO!

this is gina right before she got on VIPER!!! she is so excited!!!!

this is viper its a totally 90's coaster that was featured in "Final Destination 3" one of my favs!!!!

six flags !!!

these are my new six flags friends from europe!!!!
they are the best!!!

so the weather is getting really confusing. its insanely hot but also cloudy and there are storms. there was thunder and lightning last night? wtf? i heard mike's butt breaking windows had something to do with that.

i was just now trying to blog and the doorbell rang and so i opened it and it was some jehovas witnesses and they were really excited i could speak english. we had a nice chat.

here's a video of a mix of videos both recent and oldtimey as you can tell by the video quality:


Bloggin' It

i really, really, really, like this. I like it so much that I am blogging it instead of reading the bros karamazov for school. i feel like i can really get into the level of satisfaction this bug is getting from biting a nice juicy animated butt. normally i get pissed about people getting all lost in translation about japan, but "the big city butts are bitter" is the one true thing i know right now.

The Iraq and Such As

oh wait wait wait this too

scary basement BOSTON

michael passed out under this thing while everyone else was cozy upstairs

this guy got punched or something but i don't think he really cared

you know

this mask is fucked

two reasons to love los angeles

just staying real, counting blessings, you know, the usual monday deal.

1. babyface and daddy internet (king of multimedia msgs) at th smell last saturday. best men at my hypothetical wedding!
2. so blessed to live 2.5 miles from the illustrious stoner recreation center and namesake avenue!

i heard that david got some new shoes. ed templeton.

but really, where will mike live after fuck yeah fest is over?

two more videos

i heard albert is gonna get a tongue ring.

Remember how we were on tour?

These are some pictures from North Carolina

JT driving real hard

Juan reading real hard

A real good tip tipping real hard

So I heard that I was kind of behind on the Tay Zonday Tip

OK so John Mayer being cool

And then Summer Break

And then my favorite the NES version, with some dumb intro story

Annnnnnd Chopped and Screwed which is really good for like 50 seconds and then YOU HAVE TO SKIP IN TO where he's reading SOO GOOD.
so i heard reggie has a picture of cory kennedy on his wall
so i heard that juan is the cory kennedy of the teardrops blog.

the cover of nylon is up next!


when basil looked good

I heard that reggie heard that basil went to the groomer, so i went to investigate yesterday. it was true. basil is really ugly now. :-(

abe vigoda: the band: the people: the blog: the video

i've been doing some work..

also, i heard david's mobile blogging is pretty cool but kind of annoying due to the lack of real substance. just what i heard.

juan runs up stairs at night.

mike still breaks windows with his butt.

it's all love, friends.

ew, i heard fathead.com is really annoying.

two more videos are coming soon!

cheap jeans

those cheap monday jeans are on sale for 20 dollars at this website the sizes are limited though


oh and they have free shipping

The chicky's name was ollie

The chicky's name was ollie hatch.

I'm delivering a pizza to

I'm delivering a pizza to a giant house on 'song of the winds drive!'

This tastes so crazy!

John Thill says, 'sometimes i

John Thill says, 'sometimes i lose weight on accident'

See what i'm saying

Mike broke mae shi man's

Mike broke mae shi man's window with his butt

Brittney drove 10 hours from

Brittney drove 10 hours from san francisco to get drunk at mae shi man's house

I'm talking with mabson and

I'm talking with mabson and guerrero about 311 right now at mae shi man's house

Some dudes dancing to no age

Fake wet drumhead at fur

LOOK! Our Phoenix tour friends are in Chino!

Im having water with lunch

Not a mobile blodding adventure

Just a picture of my hero

flickr blogging test

this is davey and his kite being all aggro on the beach in pensacola when we were on tour. i heard he landed that kite in mike's butt.

Reggie says, 'i don't really like stairs!'

So my phone lets you make 'postcards' where you take a picture of text and then it puts it over whatever picture so if you just take a picture of normal stuff instead of text it's all crazy

Some mango ice cream thing i had at love boat sushi

It was good



uh-oh vigoda

so this is me and davey laughing at all of the embarrassing pics of reggie you just saw.