pictures from days of past

i've seen a lot of good tips like this one:

juan got a huge burrito in albuquerque:

and mike got half a chicken:

then we went to denton texas and it started raining a lot and being real humid:

so we all got kinda naked:

burt chilled:

the death set played and did a cover of bombshell by operation ivy. they were really good at music stuff and really sweet too:

then we played at emos in austin

david and i tried some a wig on:

michael balanced some alcohol:

beyonce in a yearbook

lots of jimmies:

a big donut:

juan being a ghost:

houston was weird. i will post more pictures soon i'm a little behind. things are cool and hot and humid we're in ATL right now. i need to get a new hat i spilled beer all over my LA one and then it got crushed by all this stuff.



Travis von Sydow said...

The pictures of John Thill semi-naked and of Micheal balancing alcohol both rule. Also, Reggie rulez at blogging. All in all this whole tour rulez, despite you all being gone for a long time.

Anonymous said...

michael looks like a baby. all clean shavin's


clayton said...

Juan being a ghost scared me. He looks so menacing and tormented.

Anonymous said...

Oh man its all about those fat tips i wanna stick them somewhere i dont know !! anyway i miss you duh and seeing you only makes my nips grow harder.. jk? haha well good luck keep eating and keep being mature and fine.. i love your interracial relationships!!!!
keep it jazzy r&b mostly keep it beyonce