new entries coming soon

okay pony dogs hold on to your pants new entries are coming so soon! i've been denying everyone macbook access, but we have lots of good stuff. uhhh played emo's tonight in austin and got so many free drinks and $100 even though pretty much nobody showed up. just chillin' now sippin' some really great homemade blackberry vodka and petting the SMOOTH CAT

i'm in love with the south right now can't wait to go real deep


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oh man i love this blog i dea its like i can vicariously tour with you through the internet. did i ever tell you how much i love the world wide web!? well, im glad all is well and you are getting the treatment you well deserve you guys are like rock stars. say hi to thill i miss him like the desert missed the rain... have fun and get real deep in there okay!?

<3 margot
i dont have a blog spot but i have a killer live journal

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