Photocracy in Texas

Texan Activism
Texas is Full of Information

Big Baby
Look at this Puppy

Thrashed by 12 Hour Drive
12 Hour Drive Fatigue

Death Set Ponies
This is Death Set

dallas doggy
This is Dallas

Mistical properties of Texas

I am drunk
I Was So Wasted, Austin, Texas

David Huffing the You-Tube
David gets blog on in Austin

Passageways of Houston TX

Houston TX
La Ciudad del Houston, Tejas

Mike at Mauricio's House
At Mauricio's House

john thill in asheville

niagara falls

we had the night off yesterday so we chilled at the hospitality inn somewhere close to buffalo
then we went to niagara falls
then we got stuck on the highway because a truck was blocking everything
now we're in cleveland

I think I left my cell phone at a McDonald's outside of Cleveland.

pictures from days of past

i've seen a lot of good tips like this one:

juan got a huge burrito in albuquerque:

and mike got half a chicken:

then we went to denton texas and it started raining a lot and being real humid:

so we all got kinda naked:

burt chilled:

the death set played and did a cover of bombshell by operation ivy. they were really good at music stuff and really sweet too:

then we played at emos in austin

david and i tried some a wig on:

michael balanced some alcohol:

beyonce in a yearbook

lots of jimmies:

a big donut:

juan being a ghost:

houston was weird. i will post more pictures soon i'm a little behind. things are cool and hot and humid we're in ATL right now. i need to get a new hat i spilled beer all over my LA one and then it got crushed by all this stuff.