After lots of worry and chaos we played in Phoenix. I had some virulent form of heat exhaustion, but I drank a Monster and it was okay after a while. I love playing in Phoenix, saw lots of friends. Remember how nice it is to see Tom Filardo, but now for the real deal. Here are the pictures.

Juan with his new hair style.

Abe Vigoda plays.

John Thill calls on his spaceship to come down.

Those Lavendar Whales

Andrew Jackson Jihad

The city at night with some weird car that always has its headlights on.

Juan and his reading material for tour

Reggie making a political statement. He's such an activist.

Fat wad of cash we gave to Bobb Bruno for the van we are currently driving around in.


whitman said...

miss you guys already! Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

haha when is the issue of butt magazine coming out with mike in it? This is Brizzahh