recap: The Van Situation

So, since i dont have a digicam i will only write about shit this tour. So.... friday we go to the van rental place and we basically were fucked in the ass by RENT4LESS. They had quoted us 1700 for the van, and they added $1000 in hidden charges!!!! so we basically were left without a van. In a panic i called Bobb Bruno to see if we could still rent Carla Boz's van... luckily he called me back and we picked up the van asap! IT WAS TOTALL HECTIC!
so now we have a huge beautiful maroon van with so much room for kites and skateboards!
Well, im gonna pass out in a princess bed in flagstaff.
-Juan Adolfo Velazquez-Esquivel
tour is cool guys. these are some of mine pictures. peace ya later.

the cash exchange for a van after almost not getting one. thank you carla bozulich c/o bobb bruno:

david losing it:

juan and burt:





love, reggie


After lots of worry and chaos we played in Phoenix. I had some virulent form of heat exhaustion, but I drank a Monster and it was okay after a while. I love playing in Phoenix, saw lots of friends. Remember how nice it is to see Tom Filardo, but now for the real deal. Here are the pictures.

Juan with his new hair style.

Abe Vigoda plays.

John Thill calls on his spaceship to come down.

Those Lavendar Whales

Andrew Jackson Jihad

The city at night with some weird car that always has its headlights on.

Juan and his reading material for tour

Reggie making a political statement. He's such an activist.

Fat wad of cash we gave to Bobb Bruno for the van we are currently driving around in.

thursday night preppin'

all the savings on these dudes

albert looking so great with mike

mike is sick now but he still likes burritos

i left my bass in chino so i need to buy a new one

Missing The Eagle

Just got home from hanging out with Jon San Nicolas and Matthew, I am totally going to miss going to the eagle and akbar with them and spending way too much money. Im way to excited to sleep!!!
Later Days
Juan Adolfo Velasquez-Esquivel
Probably the most intense thing I've ever done. Probably not the most intense thing i will ever do. I am going to love this.


i cut my hair yesterday:

my bear:

my art:

mike and albert just did this:

here they are:

david burning cds for tour rental van:

sweet shirt javier:
we just had final practice before leaving on tour tomorrow. it was very nice.
david and i are gonna fly a kite on tour and also we are gonna have a nasty elephant.
juan, mike and i have a theory david is in a another band and is also going on tour with them simultaneously because he is so mysterious.
-last night we played at old baldy brewery and then everyone went to michael's house afterwards and i didn't get home until about 4:30 in the morning.

-everything is crazy.

-time for pancakes!

nice day

Practiced for tour and determined which songs we don't want to play anymore. Now Mike and Juan and Kyle Mabson are moving Mike out of his place and Reggie and I are drinking some Stellas. Check out their website it's really amazing. You need to see the Pouring Ritual section.

We'll be playing later tonight at Old Baldy. Come and buy our merchandise.


yesterday we practiced and then david did this before we ate some food at islands